2nd Nine Weeks

Sorry Wrong Number Vocab

Sorry Wrong Number Analyze the Text Qs (Performance Assessment=Extra Credit)

Sorry, Wrong Number MC assignment (turn in for a grade)

Standards Check #3 POV

Flight of Icarus vocabulary (turn in for a grade)

Flight of Icarus Guided Questions (Periods 1-4)

Flight of Icarus GQs (Period 5 only)









1st Nine Weeks


Discipline Log 1920

Summer Reading Project Choices (all classes, students should choose and complete one project, due Sept. 6th)

Rogue Wave Analysis Questions (all classes)

Sample Responses Rogue Wave Analysis Qs (all classes)

Rogue Wave Analyze the Text Pg. 16  (all classes)

Rogue Wave Symbols and Articulations (Period 5 only)

Sentence Structure Compound Sentence (all classes)

Big Things Come in Small Packages (all classes)

Standards Check #1-Theme

Standards Check #2 Central Idea